At the Garsed Center, we’re here to help community organizations do the good work
Philadelphia needs. Since the early 20th century, our facility has served as a community hub, a place where people can gather and find what they need. We continue that legacy with a shared workspace for nonprofits. The Garsed Center is an energizing environment with a constant stream of resources for nonprofits, from printing and marketing services to workshops and seminars that impact your mission.

A Supportive Community

Access an invaluable network of potential supporters and partners. Our shared space is full of people who love to work together and offers the perfect environment to build the relationships a nonprofit needs. When you’re working steps away from people seeking to make an impact, collaboration is bound to happen.

Cost Savings

Whether you’re an established organization or just getting started, the Garsed Center can help drive your mission. Our facility features a community kitchen, board room, event center, a full-size basketball court, and an Olympic-size swimming pool. Shared space allows nonprofits to reduce infrastructure, spending more time and allocating more budget toward the people you serve.

Mon ‒ Fri: 9am ‒ 5pm
Sat ‒ Sun: Closed

‪(267) 483-9929‬

4704 Leiper St. Philadelphia, PA 19124